Mayfly 144 – Driftwood

I’m the proud owner of my first sailing dinghy. Its a Mayfly, hull number 144, sail number 42. I’m looking forward to meeting/talking to anyone with knowledge of these lovely little Dinghies and any info there may be about the class. The hull number (144) is on the inside of the transom and was obviously “built in” at time of build and I wonder if that would tell me anything about her age etc. She took to the water several times at the end of last summer, and has helped me as a novice sailor no end, letting me get away with mistimed manovers and taking my mistakes in a forgiving way, she truly is a beautiful little dinghy! Next I hope to get some pictures of her under sail. She is based in the Exe Estuary.

Rob Dixie (spring 2011) (email: