Seafly 18 – Blue Pearl

Until recently I had Seafly 18 (possibly the oldest still able to float!). Unfortunately, it had been neglected and now is in need of some renovation. Most of the hull is sound but some of the ply panels will need to be replaced. Both of the inner bouyancy tank panels definitely need to be replacing and there maybe other problem areas. It has a good aluminium mast,and two sets of sails (jib and main), both of which need a bit of work but are useable. It also has all the fittings you need to sail, a rudder, oars and some rope. It really was a very simple boat to rig and sail and ideal for learning being very stable and forgiving, but also responsive and a good sail.

The boat has now been sold to someone in Edinburgh who has a son who is keen on older boats. Well done for the web site in keeping up the interest in what is a superb dinghy.

Allan Mellor-Jones, Perth, June 2010