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… a fast, two person, non-trapeze dinghy designed in the 1960’s which is a joy to sail!

Seafly History
this Seafly Memories web site describes the development of the Seafly design from the smaller Mayfly dinghy, the various Seafly boat builders, the original Class Associations in the UK and Australia, and the places where Seaflys were sailed. There is also a register of existing and past Seafly dinghies in the UK and Northern Ireland, Australia, and Elsewhere.

Seafly Today…   new Seaflys are being built by John Claridge Boats and a new UK Seafly Class Association was formed during 2016.

 News and Adverts…  in future, with the Seafly Class Association now established, please look at the Class Association Facebook Page for News Items, Seafly adverts, photo galleries and more!