Boat Register Introduction

Do you, or did you, own or sail a Seafly? Please tell us about it!  The aim is to document as many Seafly dinghies as possible. Who owned them? Where were they sailed? Do they still exist?  Stories, photos, memorabilia  …all are welcome.
How Many Seaflys were built?

We do not know! We believe that the last sail number to be registered with the Seafly Dinghy Class Association was 654. However not all the allocated sail numbers were actually built. The following table attempts to summarise what sail numbers were allocated and by whom; as we learn of more Seaflys it should be possible to refine it:

Sail No. Range Built by… or Allocated by/to
1 to 469 South Devon BoatBuilders (wood, later GRP), Moores (wood), and home build (wood) from SDBB kits or plans; except number ranges shown below.
30, 33, 50, 168, 188, 194, 195, 242 to 247, 482, 614, and ? Were built in Northern Ireland by Lesley Hanna (wood), or at least sailed there having been brought from the UK
73 to 80; 87 to 94; 102 to 106, 123 to 142, 208 to 220, 255 to 267, 305 to 316, 340 to 349 Allocated to the Australian Seafly Dinghy Association for Seaflys built in wood by Harold Lang, plus some by Brian Lay, home builds; and, later in GRP, Capital Industries.
231 to 234 South Devon BoatBuilders kits assembled in Wewak, Papua-New Guinea
470 to 599 Zygal Boats (in GRP) or home built (in wood); however it seems likely that many numbers in the 500’s were reserved by Zygal but never used. At present no Seaflys are known in the range 524 to 619.
620 to 654 Allocated and mainly built by C.M.Marine (Colin May) in GRP/foam composite hulls with wood decks; some boats by Dorset Boats (wood) and Bob Hoare (wood).
700 to 710 Capital Industries, Canberra, Australia (all GRP or GRP/wood); 705, 706 and 708 thought to be unused numbers.
700 on Being allocated by John Claridge Boats for GRP Seafly SD hulls (unaware of the previous use by Capital Industries)
2000 – ?2005 Tony Longworth and Peter Lawson used sail numbers in this range to mark the new millenium (all GRP boats).