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Contact Details

For information, comments, or contributions to the Seafly Memories web site, please contact Peter Taylor, Email:

To contact me by mail:

Peter Taylor, 84 Priory Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO17 2HS. 
Phone: 023 80554670 (you will usually get an answer phone, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you)

Seafly or Mayfly Owners (Present and Previous)

I would love to include your boat in our Seafly (or Mayfly) Register. Contributions can consist of Photographs of your boat either afloat or ashore, Video of your boat in action, and “Extras” which can be what ever you want (within reason!). Photographs, text, drawings, memorabilia, etc. can all be displayed. See the examples in our Boat Register pages.
Format for contributions: You can contribute to this site by sending photos and information on computer disks (I can read most file types), or by sending photographic prints or negatives with comments and other written text (preferably typed). Any material received will be returned on request, but please don’t send your only copy of a valued photo or document (in case it gets lost in the post)… make a copy and send that or contact me to discuss options!

Privacy Policy

This is a non-commercial site run by a Seafly enthusiast with the simple hope that it will be of interest to others who enjoy sailing the Seafly Dinghy.

Any contact details which we obtain from you due to: your contributing to, asking for information, or otherwise using the “Seafly Memories” web site, will never be passed to third parties unless we have your prior consent.

“Seafly Memories” email addresses

We offer a service whereby you can if you wish ask for a “Seafly Memories” email address. Such an address would be in the form “” and would simply forward emails to your normal email address. This address may be used on the “Seafly Memories” web site, for example, to allow other Seafly owners to contact you. The advantage is that your normal email address is not publicised on the web.

Be aware that if anyone contacts you at your “Seafly Memories” address and you choose to reply by email, they will then see your normal email address.

Your “Seafly Memories” address can, at your request, be cancelled or changed as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours).