Seafly 33 – Clean Sweep

C33 Newcastle Yacht Club (2008)

I own Seafly 33 – “Clean Sweep”.  It was built by Lord Roden (assisted by Lesley Hanna who built all of the subsequent Newcastle Seaflys) in 1961. The mast is the last one made by Lesley – beautiful. I owned it and raced it in 1976. In around 2003 I bought it back and spent a small fortune having it restored.

I’m pleased to have found your website as, in a year or two, I’ll be looking to sell her. None of the youngsters coming through our club are interested in the older boats, especially wooded boats, and it would be nice to think that there is a community of people who might be interested in keeping her afloat and loved.

Paddy Keenan, July 2010 (Email:

(C33 was featured in the Spring 1996 SDCA Newsletter, both on the Cover and in the Letters section. At that time the boat was owned by Tony Dickinson (aged 74) who had bought her in 1984 for £100!)