Seafly 231 – Chloe

Update: 24th January 2022
Godfrey Clark writes:

“Sad to report that number 231 has gone to the great boatyard in the sky.

As time passed, more and more rot became evident until the point it would have made more sense to build a brand new hull. Therefore any adverts to adopt her can end.

We do still have the spars including  both wooden and metal masts, also a Banks cover that has some life left in it. All free to anyone who can find a use for the items.”

Nigel Izzard writes (May 2018):

“My father Alan Izzard recently passed away, I am trying to find a solution for our Seafly.

My Dad hand made the boat himself many years ago, he might have got the hull or a kit from Devon it was so long ago… I helped my father build it in our garage in Welwyn Garden City; many nights’ sanding is what I remember.

The boat was registered 231, named Chloe.  We used to sail at the Nationals for many years, never a winner, but always as a family full of enjoyment. [The boat] has been parked at Fishers Green Sailing Club for many years and is in need of restoration. The boat has a road trailer and wood mast and boom stored at Welwyn Garden City along with sails etc. At Fishers Green the boat has a metal mast as well, and also a launch trailer.

I would like to find somebody to restore the boat and get it back on the water if possible; not interested in making any money from the boat, just would like to know it was back sailing, and it would be great to hear its back with the other Seafly’s.”