Seafly 256 – Dee 2

Dee 2 was sailed by Tony Wilmore who has written (January 2023):

“My boat was named after my very good friends and mentors – John Mason’s daughter,  Dee (hence “Dee 2”) and Graham Mason who owned an older Seafly (89?) and their new boat Jasper II (309). All three boats were built by Harold Lang of Sorrento.

“John and Graham were President and Secretary of the Victorian association and did a great job of representing the Victorian Association. John and Graham were also Victorian Seafly Champions for a few years — how many I don’t know.

“I could go on and on about Seafly’s.  It was my first boat and I new nothing about sailing, John took me under his wing and tried to teach me sailing. We joined a Yacht Club. McRae and I were too old for cadets (at 37 yrs old), so I spent AU$300 on books to teach me how to sail and anther $300 on books to teach me the books I had already bought!!!

“I guess I won the golden bucket for going over and going turtle, But, guess what, I became an expert at getting a Seafly up and going in record time. I have a few tips on how to do it if any body is interested.

“My sailing history…

  • Fourth in the National Championships (with broken foot incased in a plastic bottle and taped up – ha-ha!) at Cambria 1975-76.
  • No crew, but skippered — rescue boats (crash boats) 1 season.
  • Victorian Champion 1975 -76
  • Victorian Champion1976-77
  • National Champion 1976-77

“Raced and Sailed all round Port Philip Bay, Melbourne. At lot of Yacht clubs, Sorrento, Blairgowary, McRae match club (home base) Safety Beach (on Mornington Peninsula), Frankston , Mordialloc, and also Western Port Bay etc. to get more practice.

“I really don’t like talking too much about myself  but my crew Paul and I worked very hard for our success and… practice, practice,  practice… till we got it right.

“I came away knowing that you need four things when sailing,

  • 1 – A good Boat.
  • 2 – a good Crew.
  • 3 – A good all-round Skipper
  • 4 — and the last—LUCK!

“I found all sorts of enquires and little tips about Seaflys and and maybe I might be of some help.  I still have a Seafly manual etc and few other things plus 5 trophies and super eight 8 movies.”