Seafly 372

I have Seafly 372 and sail it for pleasure at Rhosneigr, Anglesey. There have been 2 other Seaflys here in the recent couple of years, brought by holiday makers. I have had the boat about 9 years. As Rhosneigr often has very strong winds I often use heavy weather GP sails still producing a lively sail.

The only information on the other 2 Seaflys I have is one belongs to a Rhosneigr holiday maker who lives in the Chester area. His boat did not have a support under the mast mounting, and had cracked the decking (GRP) and he looked at mine which I think someone had installed long before I had it. Despite all the abuse of heavy weather here at Rhosneigr , the deck on mine is intact. The other boat has been coming to Rhosneigr for many years and was quite a late sail number – something 860’ish – and the owner thought it was one of the last ones built from the original builder. Next time I see them I will try to find more information and pass it on to you.

Andy Jones, 28th August 2010