Seafly 410 – Pure Genius

We now own “Pure Genius”, Seafly 410. She was delivered to Blakeney Quay today from Essex. It took four people, including my 80 year old mother, to put up the mast in a Force 8 gale. She looks lovely, a friendly boatbuilder has sorted out a few problems, and my teenage sons hope to set sail as soon as term ends. I well remember from my days sailing a National 12 in Blakeney Harbour, and some push off the bank starts for Regatta races, that if once any of the Seaflys came roaring by that was the end of any racing chances. The Sheringham gang of Seafly sailors used to win everything! I don’t think our boys will be competing much but I very much hope that they and their friends will have enormous fun.

Amanda Elsdon-Dew, 23rd May 2011