Category: Australian Register Boat Details

Seafly 136 – Matangi

Seafly 136 Matangi was first owned by Barry Schick of Canberra Yacht Club; also owned by J Bacon (Victoria). [BACK TO Australian register: Sail Numbers 1 to 250]

Seafly 133 – Mystere

Seafly 133 Mystere was first owned by Russ Kennard of Canberra Yacht Club, and later owned (as Malagara) by Ron Epping who became Australian National Champion (Ron Epping)...

Seafly 132 – Atalanta

Seafly 132 Atalanta was built by Harold Lang and first owned by David Downie of Canberra Yacht Club; this Seafly was later transferred to Wewak, Papua-New Guinea.

Seafly 130 – Apodemus

Seafly 130 Apodemus was built and supplied as a bare hull by Harold Lang and completed by the first owners, Peter and Daphne Fullagar of Canberra Yacht Club....