Seafly 430 – Pandora

Pandora following her overhaul and repaint (click to enlarge)

Pandora sailed for a couple of years at Roadford lake in Devon. She then moved to Old Hunstanton where she underwent an extensive overhaul and repaint (see photo).  She is now resident at Rutland sailing club where we and friends sail her on the delightful Rutland water.
Kathie Applebee and Geoff Moss (October 2019)

[Seafly 430 was probably built in 1973 and both in 1991 and 1996 was called Whisper and registered to Carol Lanham at Starcross Yacht Club – Editor]


We have just bought Seafly 430 in good nick with a view to reacquainting ourselves with the joys of sailing. Will send photos in due course, when we feel Pandora has reached an acceptable presentation level!

Geoff Moss and Kathie Applebee (July 2015)

Update Jan 2016: photos below taken during fitting of a replacement mast after the previous mast broke earlier in the month!

Update October 2023:   We are pleased to supply updated information on this delightful boat that has given us so much pleasure over the years.  She has spent the last five years at Rutland water where she has been occasionally sailed by us and, more frequently, our friends while we have been touring Britains canals and waterways full time in our 57ft narrowboat.

In November she is moving lock-stock and barrel to Warsash, Portsmouth to overwinter on the drive  and when sunshine beckons next year probably join the local sailing club, where the next generation of the family will continue to sail her and teach their kids to sail.  We feel this is such an achievement for an old lady built in ‘73 and such a joy for us to pass her on to family in this manner and know that she will look after them!

Kathie Applebee and Geoff Moss (October, 2023)