Seafly 59 – The Dong

I learnt to sail crewing in a Graduate dinghy called “Jumbly Girl” so when in 1963 my father, Ron Taylor, built a Seafly from a South Devon Boat Builders kit it became “The Dong” (who, in Edward Lear’s poem, fell in love with the Jumbly Girl). I raced “The Dong” at Llanfairfechan Sailing Club, at North Wales Club and Schools regattas, and in the Menai Straits fortnight. However in autumn 1966 I left for University and the last I heard of “The Dong” was that she was being used under outboard for fishing off Eastbourne, Sussex. A sad end, but I’m sure that the stability of the Seafly hull was much appreciated!

Peter Taylor.

Photographs and mementos of The Dong’s “triumphs”!…