Mayfly 322

The photos are of our Mayfly which we sail at Talkin Tarn near Brampton in Cumbria. I bought it as a family boat to mess about on with the kids about three years ago. It was sold to me by a man whom I believe built it from a kit with his dad in the 1960’s. It had Denver Sailing Club written on it – is in Norfolk. The sail number is 332.

The boat has attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the tarn. Bill Jones (from Carlisle) introduced himself one day and explained he used to own a Mayfly many years ago and had built a model of which he brought along to show me. There are some photos below.

Alister Neville (Secretary Brampton Sailing Club)

Video: Ha Harr Me’Artys

Video: Sailing Talkin Tarn 2011

Video: Sailing Talkin Tarn 2011