Seafly 260 – Gadfly

Seafly 260 – Gadfly was built by Harold Lang and owned by Peter and Daphne Fullagar of Canberra Yacht Club. This Seafly was five times the winning boat in the Australian National Championships: 1969, 1972 (tie), 1973, 1978 and 1982. To his surprise Peter Fullagar came across Seafly 260 in around 2016 in a boatyard at his local Sea Scouts hall!

Photographs of Gadfly
Photographs of Gadfly II, an English Gadfly!
Visiting the UK in 1975, Australian Seafly Champions Peter and Daphne Fullagar, borrowed a Seafly from John Tallis of Highcliffe S.C., and with modifications and their own sails, competed in the 1975 UK National Championships sailing her as “Seafly 260” Gadfly II.

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