Seafly 329 – Matilda

We have rescued Seafly 329 from Weir Wood and she is heading to the spiritual home of Seafly’s… Blakeney Sailing Club. Will be getting a refit this winter.

Simon Russell, 24th September 2016


I have not been able to use C329 for a couple of years. I went to see it today but it has rather been ravaged and all that really remains is the all fibre-glass hull (condition as in the web site photos) and the mast (no boom), plus the sails. It is available to anyone free of charge if they can collect from Weirwood reservoir. Otherwise it is destined to be scrapped and I find that rather hard to bear.Andy Parr August 2016


I have recently acquired a Seafly – sail number 329. However in contrast to the references I have seen so far which mention grp hulls with wooden decking, mine seems to have grp everything! For 40 years old it’s in pretty good condition but does need a little tlc. I’ll send some photos as is now – currently called ‘Mathilda’ – and will keep you updated on the refurb.We’ve only taken her out 3 times so far, but she sails really well; we bought her a couple of months ago as a small family dinghy that my wife and I, and our 3 young children could learn to sail in. We are in East Sussex.

Andy Parr, Weir Wood SC, September 2012