Seafly 4?? – Moonshadow

“Moonshadow” was advertised on ebay in 2017 as “Seafly/Mayfly (sic) GRP Sailing Dinghy. The boat is in very nice condition and is complete with two suits of sails, alloy mast and boom, nearly new cover, nearly new galvanised combi-trailer.” Asked about the sail number the seller replied that the sails are numbered 381 and 382, but that they believed “381 is another boat“. The photos in the advert indeed show Moonshadow to be in remarkably good condition and suggest that the hull is one built by Zygal. Zygal built boats had sail numbers in the upper 400’s or lower 500’s so it would appear that neither set of sails was original. Below are the photos which accompanied the advert.

Moonshadow was purchased by David Allan in Skye. Here are his photos of the state of parts of Moonshadow when purchased.

“Had my Seafly out in a suitable wind in Portree harbour. Good fun, and fairly moves along. Issue with headsail, burst wire, think old age has an effect on us all. But a good maiden voyage, with no spills. I may change the traveller and main sheet control for a more modern set up.” – David Allan, 27th Sept. 2017