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Harold Lang and first Australian Seafly 1964
The first Australian Seafly, under construction in Harold Lang's boatyard, Sorrento, Victoria in 1963
First Australian Seafly and Harold Lang 1964

First Australian Seafly with Harold Lang,  1963.


In 1963 South Devon BoatBuilders granted boat builder Harold Lang, of Sorrento, Victoria, a licence to build the Seafly in Australia. A second builder, Brian Lay in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, was authorised in 1964. In the mid 1970’s GRP Seaflys were built by Capital Industries in Canberra [for more details see our Australian Pages].

Northern Ireland

Seaflys at Newcastle Yacht Club

Seaflys sailing at Newcastle Yacht Club, N.I.

Most of the Seaflys sailed at Newcastle in Northern Ireland were built by Lesley Hanna,  but two boats at least were home builds.


The Canadian Boats were all amateur constructed from plans using locally available materials.

Wewak, New Guinea

Most boats were constructed from South Devon BoatBuilders kits although at least two were inported from Australia.

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