Racing Rules, Trophies and Champions

In contrast to the Measurement Rules, the Racing Rules appear to have changed little over the years. By 1987, compared to the 1971 Class Racing Rules (see photo), the only changes were that rule 6 had become part of the construction rules, rule 7 had been deleted (you no longer had to be able to lower the racing flag), and a rule concerning 720turns added. The helmsman was still permitted to leave the helm temporarily in the event of a capsize!

Almost all the SDCA Trophies were awarded at the National Championships (see Table below). Highcliffe Sailing Club provided the most National Championship Winners (click for list) followed by Blakeney S.C., Starcross Y.C. and Worthing Y.C. The photograph is probably of a Nationals race at Seasalter.

Trophies presented at the National Championships…
Trophy Presented by Awarded to
The National Championship Trophy B.I.F.Canton Overall Championship winner
The Sussex Salver Arun Yacht Club Winner 1st Championship race
The Lucas Cup W.G.Lucas & Sons Winner 2nd Championship race
The Chairman’s Cup L.L.Lanham Winner 3rd Championship race
The Herbert Trophy S.Herbert Winner 4th Championship race
The City of Plymouth Cup Lord Mayor and Corporation of Plymouth Winner 5th Championship race
Brixham Yacht Club Trophy Brixham Yacht Club Practice Race winner
The Amazing Crew Trophy C.May Crew of the overall winning boat
The Canberra Trophy Canberra Yacht Club Club with the best three boats, calculated on overall points


Open Meetings Trophy…
Trophy Presented by Awarded to
The Dolphin Trophy SDCA Helm with the highest number of points obtained at Open Meetings during one season.
Trophy from 1987 Nationals

Trophy from 1987 Nationals

Presented by Canberra Yacht Club in the mid 1970’s as a “Club Prize” at the Championships, early Canberra Trophy Winners were Blakeney S.C. but Highcliffe S.C. later came to dominate. Uniquely, the Dolphin Trophy was contested over the season’s Open Meetings.

Other Mementos: The mug (right) dates from the 1967 Nationals hosted by Highcliffe SC and was made by the relatively local, and famous, Poole Pottery. Below are shields awarded in the 1984 Nationals at Brixham.

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