Canberra YC and other Seafly Events

Various Regattas and other Events with Seaflys taking part and for which we have a photographic record:

Naval Regatta in Sydney Harbour – February 1965

The Naval Regatta was part of the then huge Anniversary Regatta organised by Yacht Clubs in Sydney. The event no longer exists. Use of the Naval Docks was made possible by virtue of the UK High Commission (Gurth Kimber’s influence)!

Challenge Race Canberra – April 1965

(Seafly skippers versus the Rest!)

Canberra Day Regatta – 5th March 1966

Regatta Batemans Bay – January 1968

Regatta at the coast organized at Corrigans Beach by the local Yacht Club

Twofold Bay Regatta, Eden, New South Wales – April 1979

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